As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.

Salocin is a free operating system that can be optimized and customized for almost any application or need. Extreme configurability, performance and a top-notch user and developer community are our goals.

The Salocin Linux Project is a worldwide community program sponsored by VIR0S that promotes the use of Linux for all applications. The program provides free and easy access to a whole new world of possibilities for your computing needs. Here you will find a community of users and developers, who all have the same goal in mind—to create and distribute the world's best Linux distribution..

Salocin is an ideal secure server, development workstation, or professional desktop -- whatever you need it to be, because of its near-unlimited adaptability.