As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.
Icon-none PyroLinux
unknown (edit)
Version: 1.0 (edit)
Release Date: unknown (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): x86 (unknown variant)LinuxWiki (edit)
Packaging: DEBLinuxWiki (edit)
Interface(s): GNOMELinuxWiki (edit)
Derivative of: UbuntuLinuxWiki (edit)
Home Page: (appears to be down) (edit)


PyroLinux was apparently a short-lived derivative of Ubuntu.

Current status

DistroWatch has never had an entry for this distribution. The website currently only returns a blank page. There are no known downloads for the ISO images.

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