As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.
Icon-none KateOS
2004? (edit)
Version: 3.6 (edit)
Release Date: September 17, 2007 (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): i486 (edit)
Packaging: TGZ (edit)
Interface(s): Xfce (edit)
Derivative of: Independent (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

Kate OS was originally based on Slackware. The current version of Kate OS is Kate OS III (3.2), and 3.0 is also available as a live CD. Kate OS III 3.2 Live is pending release.


All new KateOS releases are LTS, as per Lead Developer Rakowski's decision, and are supported for around 2 years.


The latest Stable KateOS distribution includes many fixes for series III, as well as many updated packages. All packages are installed via the updateos command (although users may choose to compile source), which downloads the necessary TGZex file from the KateOS repositories. TGZex are extended slackware packages with extra compilation and dependency information, and are the official packages for KateOS.

The current release includes:

System Requirements

There are a few hardware requirements necessary to install KateOS:

  • A CD-ROM drive
  • An i486 processor
  • 32 MB of RAM is required
  • About 300 MB Disk Space for base installation
  • VESA compliant VGA graphics card

Recommended Hardware Specifications are:

  • A CD-ROM drive
  • An i686 processor, or Pentium II and greater
  • 196 MB of RAM
  • 4.5 GB Disk Space
  • Internet Connection for software installation
  • Floppy Drive for Backup Disk


KateOS was originally based upon the Slackware distribution, but as of the first series III release, KateOS diverged with TGZex packages built directly from source. 3.1 drops all compatibility, and although it is still possible to install TGZ packages via the PKG command, it is not recommended, and PKG is now used for local TGZex packages. 3.2 migrates from LILO to GRUB, allowing for easier updates of the distribution, as well as adding a GUI to PKG to ease the update process.

KateOS version Release date
1.0 9 October 2004
2.1 23 June 2005
2.2 13 October 2005
2.3 7 December 2005
3.0 9 August 2006
3.1 5 October 2006
3.2 21 December 2006

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