As with all distributions in the Linux Mausoleum, this distribution is no longer under development and may have unfixed bugs or security issues. Download links (if any) are for reference or research purposes only.
Icon-none Flash (distribution)
2004? (edit)
Version: 0.3.4 (edit)
Release Date: December 27, 2004 (edit)
Next Release: unknown (edit)
Platform(s): i386LinuxWiki (edit)
Packaging: PortageLinuxWiki (edit)
Interface(s): GNOMELinuxWiki (edit)
Derivative of:
Gentoo and derivatives
Gentoo - Sabayon - Ututo
Home Page: (edit)

Flash was a free (licensed under the GPL v2) customized Linux distribution initially designed to be run directly off a 256Mb USB key or other (similar) forms of bootable flash memory. It subsequently (also) became a Linux distribution that ran directly from a CDROM, typically known as a Live-CD.

Current Status

Flash Linux has not been updated in almost a decade, and is listed as "Discontinued" by DistroWatch. The website is still available, and appears to be looking for sponsors to restart the distribution. The website was last updated in 2011.

External Links

Download links (for the morbidly curious)

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