Don't simply cut and paste from Wikipedia. Linux Wikia aims to provide a resource distinct from WikiProject Linux. For example, giving significantly different versions of the same product their own article or the inclusion of historical distros that might still be useful. LinuxQuestions operates a wiki similarly focused on distros.

PD Linux images

I'm not sure it's the correct place, but I found a collection of public domain images (and penguin images too). If you've ever been looking for that kind of stuff, have fun. :) Szoferka (page on Wikia). 01:55, 25 June 2006 (UTC)


Stubs are articles that lack information or need stub removed and a good place to start. If you want to help with stubs you can go here. Stubs


Pages that need cleaning up either editing for grammar, spelling,formatting, redundant links, unbiased statements, length etc. If you want to help with this go here Cleanup see also Long Pages

For help with Templates

For help with templates see Wikia:c:Templates

Importing articles from WP

"Hi, what about importing articles from Wikipedia/Wikibooks as starting material for the wiki? I mean, I've read the above and I understand it's a different scope, but it can provide raw material to work on."

The problem with importing raw material is that it often tends to stay that way. For example, someone once copied the entire article about the X Window System. The X Window System is a good thing to have an article about, mind you, but it also created an extremely large number of red links in the Wanted Pages list, for articles that do not, will not, and should not exist on this wiki. If information on Wikipedia or Wikibooks is useful, then feel free to right a new, clean, Linux-centric article with that information or link to it. But please, Please, PLEASE! don't just copy it over. That will just cause even more maintenance overhead.